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    Patience young grasshopper

    I love the look of wood but in all of my experiences its a pain in the butt, that being said I currently have 5 pieces of mopani in my bow front 40 gal and dang it looks sweet!
    55 Gal- Fluval 305 & Aqua Clear 70;
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    jeez, took the wood out like 3 days ago and with 20% wc each day, no help, people looking at my tank like i cant keep one, i would do a 50, but i am cycling, i dont wanna loose anything

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    Mangrove wood is perfectly safe to use in aquariums....very popular here. Expensive as and illegal to collect your own, must come from a licensed collector and is supposed to have a tag number on it so Authorities can check where it was sourced. It is a hardwood also just to clear that up.

    The wood will stop leaching tannins when its ready....could be anywhere from weeks to years, depending on the wood itself. If you dont want it happening in the tank, put the wood in a large bucket/container and soak it there
    Last edited by Alasse; 10-14-2012 at 04:04 AM.
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    so this is the color of the water, the piece of mopani that is in there nowwas in there before and has leached out, got it from another tank, today is 4 days i believe since i took the other out with 20% water changes daily, though i do have a AC110 running with the emp 400 now, also excuse the stains, the are like calcium deposits or somthing, i cant get them off and wont dare windex till i get the lids I ordered in
    Last edited by Angelfish11788; 10-14-2012 at 03:39 PM.

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    Spray the paper towel with windex and then wipe the glass. I've always cleaned my glass like that. Don't spray the tank even with lids on it.
    Don't even worry about the tea color. It will clear up in due time.

    Thanks Alasse on clarifying the Mangrove. I wasn't certain and like I said, tried to nail some myself. I was afraid the FBI would haul me off the airplane! LOL Grapewood, I hear, is poisonious to fish. At least that's what I've been reading.

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    lol, fbi busting threw windows, grabbing your tanks,lol alright thanks, i wll try some now

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    Quite a few fishkeepers here have been nabbed for illegals in their you say? They post on forums like this and big brother IS watching *L*
    Lots of tanks
    Camera - Sony A33 - Sony A58
    18-55mm F3.5-5.6 SAM lens
    55-200mm F4-5.6 SAM lens

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    wow, didnt know that, jeez i think i posted somehere on here I used to own RBP's ouch... anyway so i am really starting to think that the color is from my paint, i scooped some water out and it is clear as glass. also the windex did not work on those stains, after i try vinagur I am out of options, oh i hate the small of it though.

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    so in Emperor 400 have no blue pads, just black retangler sponges a few bio rings and in baskets, carbon. the tea is pretty much gone, i will swear that the green coloring that is my wall still ruins pictures. in AC110 no carbon just bag of whatever, and sponge. Then old faithful sponge filter. not usally a big fan of carbon but its doing what its doing for the best, also may add a small bag of Purgin(sp) in one side of Emp.

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