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    Quote Originally Posted by mizzoutank
    Great Point and questions Nephalem.

    and tate, you really do daily 75% water changes?

    My concern with that big a change each day is you not matching the tank temp exactly w/ the water changes...and that much fluctuation that often for the fish can cause extra stress and stress causes issues.
    I use a glass thermometer on both the tank and the water I refill with. There is less than 1/2 of a degree in temperature. (Aqueon water changer)

    And yes. I really do.

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    You may want to cut it down and see if that helps. I notice some weakness in my rasbora whenever I do anything with their tank. IME, they are a less hardy fish than tetras and will have a hard time recuperating if they are sick.

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    Ok so here is the problem.

    First off I commend you for doing that many WCs and trying to keep your fish as happy and clean as possible. However by doing so there is never enough ammonia in the tank at one time to grow your BB colony. Your cycle never matured. You need to let the ammonia get to .25 ppm and keep it there. No less, certainly no more. This will allow a larger colony of the BB to develop that can actually handle your tanks bio load so you won't have to do so many WCs.

    The problem is when you get the BB that eats the ammonia you are gonna get hit with a massive nitrite spike. Those can climb quick in fully stocked tanks that are in a cycle. So you will prob have to go back to doing daily WCs or even twice daily when you start getting nitrite readings. Again keep the nitrite right at .25ppm so the cycle can mature the second half. Watch your lvls close.

    Once your BB Colony can eat up the nitrite as fast as your ammonia eating BB can produce it, it will level out and then you only have to do water changes to drop your nitrAtes down below 20ppm or so. That should only require one a week or two of about 30%.

    You are actually making more work for yourself by stunting the bacterial colony. Again, I commend you because you meant well for your fish. But with a little adjustment this will clear up.

    Bad contaminant lvls can contribute to fin rot and general fish stress. That makes them more vulnerable to everything else.

    Don't be surprised if not everyone makes it through your cycle. It will depend on their general health as of right now. Keep a close eye on things and you might be able to pull everyone through it. Then you shouldn't have to deal with all these outbreaks of rot all the time.
    Last edited by Nephalem; 10-10-2012 at 05:32 AM.
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    I have checked the water parameters daily and haven't done a water change in 3 days.

    Ammonia .25
    Nitrites 0
    Nitrates 5ppm

    I am adding Seachem Stability daily and all of the fish seem to be doing well. I'll keep a check on the ammonia levels and make sure to keep them around .25

    Thanks for the help. I'll keep updating.

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