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  1. Default how many Gouramis

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    So as i am trying figure out my own, my friends tanks is down cycling( i helped set his up and it refueled my passion to get mine.) He went out yesterday and listened to a certain big box store and brought home 3 dwaarfs and 1 honey?(i think honey, it is gold) well as an non community keeper i even I know that is not good. He has a 39 tall, he wants to donate 2 dwarfs and the honey to me. I have a 75 with 1 angel being my center piece, my tank is super planted with driftwood and pants. Could i get away with doing it. the 2 dwarfs, 1 honey and the Angel, of course i will have a few more fish but need to know. He said that he is gonna keep the super agressive dwarf, since he tourtures the other 3. He said the other 3 really dont bother each other much unless they get in each others way(via the high up tank) So maybe they got a better chance with me since i have more room and more cover.

  2. Default

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    You MIGHT be able to get away with two, but it def isn't recommended. I'd say it's def better than where they are coming from. I'm surprised they aren't all dead...

    If you take them all, and they are away from the agressive one, I predict that a different one will take up the aggressive role and will continue the whole cycle.
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  3. Default

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    alright i believe i will take the honey and one dwarf, and pray lol.. community tanks are so hard.. i loved my other tanks, giant preditory fish and that is it.

  4. #4


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    a 75gal tank which is 4' long?

    I think you'll be ok, especialy with it being heavily planted. I have school of gouramis in a 4ft tank and they do ok. Minor confrontations but once they have the territory decided they were good. Keep an eye on them tho (I'm sure you will) as there are always exceptions when it comes to individuals.

    good luck!

  5. #5


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    He is simply giving his problem to you. But like Shea says, you can try it. If this is a gold gourami, it probably is not a honey gourami but simply the gold. The golds and 3-spots (blues) are the most aggressive of the gourami species.


    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 10-09-2012 at 04:14 PM.

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    I will suggest to your friend to just give it back to the store instead of giving them to you. Less problems for you.
    Da name's Paul. Not Dave. ROFL

    Learn to give and take. That's how things should always work.

  7. Default

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    i may take the dwarf, and yea it is the gold.. feel bad for my friend i told him t got to the box stores as a last resort.. as i was told on Angels that one false info piece can screw ya up.. as Lady Hobbs knows i am having my own dilema at moment :)

  8. #8


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    Ive had luck with a gold and a dwarf, so if you did that you should be fine in a 75gal. My two dwarves beat eachother near to death, even in that whole 75gal i have.

    My gold gourami is actually "The Peacemaker" and she sacrificed her own welfare to try to save my male dwarf when the female dwarf was killing him. So i say that the "meanest breed" thing has to be a myth. Makani is the nicest gourami ive ever known. :)
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  9. Default

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    thanks guys, either way I am taking one of his, i want one in my tank and well he is giving it to me, lol, as now he has the calm ones in a 10 tank, seeing how they do

  10. #10


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    Aggression with gourami's in hardly a myth. You may have ended up with a gourami more mild than normal but their aggression to one another is well known. The gold and the blue (3-spot) is the same fish and they are generally always snotty......always to each other and sometimes even to other fish, as well. Opaline's are another snotty gourami.

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