So as i am trying figure out my own, my friends tanks is down cycling( i helped set his up and it refueled my passion to get mine.) He went out yesterday and listened to a certain big box store and brought home 3 dwaarfs and 1 honey?(i think honey, it is gold) well as an non community keeper i even I know that is not good. He has a 39 tall, he wants to donate 2 dwarfs and the honey to me. I have a 75 with 1 angel being my center piece, my tank is super planted with driftwood and pants. Could i get away with doing it. the 2 dwarfs, 1 honey and the Angel, of course i will have a few more fish but need to know. He said that he is gonna keep the super agressive dwarf, since he tourtures the other 3. He said the other 3 really dont bother each other much unless they get in each others way(via the high up tank) So maybe they got a better chance with me since i have more room and more cover.