Well I haven't been on the forum all that much recently, lifes hectic! Just started a 48wk work placement so got an hours drive too and from work each day. Plus my grans in hospital the now with 1/3rd of her lung removed (quit smoking while you can!!) So the drive there is like an hour aswell.

I finally had a spare 5mins to actually admire my 48G tonight. Had to share

A few weeks ago I glued some flatish river stones together to form caves, then I uprooted my 2 giant amazon swords (rehomed them to the bin) and generally rearranged it so it is just a mass of nooks, crannies, ledges,caves etc.

My Royal Pleco has claimed a new rockwork home and tonight I witnessed him guarding it pretty fiercely! I have read/heard maturing plecos can be grumpy old buggers to each other, but this one is actively chasing my juvenile firemouths out his home anyone who owns a royal will know how crappy they are at swimming so its pretty funny to watch.

Just wanted to share maybe when I get an iphone in the new year I will video it for you all to see