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Thread: 200g

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    Default 200g

    0 Not allowed!

    This is for sale at my local fish club. It's 200g.

    I wonder if my boyfriend would notice if I put in in the lounge...

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    Dec 2011
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    Amelia . . . . BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    Purchase that.
    Purchase that.
    Purchase that.
    Purchase that.
    Purchase that.
    Purchase that.
    Purchase that.
    Purchase that.

    did I mention that you should purchase that?

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    Ameliaaahx, are Rainbowfish more available to you because of where you live?

    Or are your people like us in the States that overlook our own native spieces, some that are very popular in Europe?

    Anyway a large school of rarer Rainbow spiecies would look awesome in this Tank.

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    How much is it going for and does it come with all the equipment? It looks good I wish my wife suprised me with another tank. Get it and say it's a gift for him

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    It's $1700 for the tank, stand, 1 canister filter, heaters, and everything eles you need -- the guy is getting out of fishkeeping altogether. Good price for what it is but out of my price range. Plus I'd have to buy at least another big canister, he's way under-filtered. This would so be my Oscar/SA cichlid tank.

    Steeler -- are you thinking of Australian Rainbows? Nah, they're just as expensive here.

    Hahah, I will my partner was as excited about fishkeeping as I am. I see his eyes just kinda zone out when I start talking about it.

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    Sorry Amelia totaly got turned around, thought I was talking about New Guinea, I need to get more sleep before I attempt to post.

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    You gotta buy that, must feed the MTS. Seriously, can you barter a bit to bring it within your price range? I just paid a deposit of 200 odd baby bristlenoses (3 litters) on what is going to be my 200, as long as Homer and Marge keep doing what comes naturally,(another litter just hatched) by Christmas the tank and accessories will cost $0, and I may even be able to stock it

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    Quote Originally Posted by ameliaaahx
    It's $1700 for the tank, stand, 1 canister filter, heaters, and everything eles you need -- the guy is getting out of fishkeeping altogether. .

    This is the perfect leverage to negotiate with him!
    he wants out, and needs the stuff gone.

    you want this tank. perfect scenario!

    I'd offer 1000 and say it'll be out of your sight/mind in a day. cash money
    It'd be real tempting for him to pass that up, knowing what he wants out, can be out so soon.

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