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  1. Question Don't want Boomer to die

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    Hi everyone,
    Well, trying to cure my daughters Betta fish Boomer. yesterday we notices he had white fuzz on his eyeball and some on his body, to be honest I can't see any on him today, but I have given the tak two doses of colloidal silver since lastnight and one does of Pimafix...but he's still 'lurking' very unenergetically around the tank, he's gone darker in colour and generally doesn't look well. I have snails in his tank, so my idea of salting the water is out and we are in peak snail breeding time, as most of you may know, the snails will multiple very quickly and then die off as food source because a problem, so we have babies at the moment, no way i can 'fish' them all out of there.Anyway I am concerned also, the last two days he has had what looks like a long transuscent/white piece of string approx 2 inches long coming from the front of his body just behind his head, now i used to have gold fish and their poop never looked like this, theirs was brown and would break off, this just kinda....floats, like string, what could it be?We have had Boomer for two years, found some fungus yesterday also growing in the filter, have cleaned it thoroughly, was advised with the Pimafix that we dont do a water change until the 7th it says also on the bottle.Any ideas? I swear i was up googling at 5am this morning looking for cures etc, i could not for the life of me sleep, no matter how big or small the pet is they worry me just the same.Any help appreciated, thanks.He has been a very happy boy for the last two years so no, i dont wish to change anything, step one is saving him, then I will look at how to prevent it from happening again. My daughter would be heartbroken if he died.

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    It would be helpful to know your tank size, water temperature, tank maintenance schedule, etc,...

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    Is that an anchor worm hanging from him? His darker color sounds like stress. I don't know what colloidal silver is or what used for. But I don't think Melafix is very useful for much of anything and not sure as it should be used with another medication either.

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    I think that by the string the Op is referring to poop, since the vent of a betta is quite close to it's head.

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    LOL I read that one twice and wasn't sure what he was talking about because he said "behind his head". I know a little about fish anatomy and was pretty sure he didn't poop behind his head but ..........?

    LOLOL If it's long stringy poop, internal worms, not anchor.

  6. Default

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    Hi guys, I have been tryyyyyying to post and I don't know, having a lot of trouble.
    I have photos, very hard to get pics that show his problem because it seems the flash on the cam kind of disguises it...also I have nowhere to upload images, it's been sooo long since I used photobucket or flickr. I will try upload something tonight, sorry busy woman here..two jobs....etc
    Anyway, I am even more concerned today, re the stringy thing coming from his body is only as thin as a piece of cotton, it is 'transluscent'/white.
    I begun with the Pimafix on Monday simply because what he had was very obviously a kind of fungus,( looked like the fuzz that grows off mould) on his right eye and just below on his body. As far as I can see ( this is day 4) the eye has cleared up and there may be a small amount on his body still but this morning I noticed a NEW thing I am worried about now. He has, only what I can explain to be like a mouth ulcer on his 'chin', it's not raised, it looks infectious if anything and it may be slightly inverted asthough maybe he had something that burst?????Also he is staying at the top of the tank, using the plant tops to rest on an sticking his mouth out of the water a lot!, he appears to be 'tail down' facing upwards. I have still continued Colloidal Silver ( its a natural antibiotic), also got Stress Coat yesterday and today I panicked and bought Melafix, so he has his first dose of that *sigh*, he is still sort of eating though his 'aim' seems to be off as he swims a little on his side and appears clumsy, hes also hanging around the heater, wedges himself in between that and the tank wall.His mouth is open constantly, he has the ability to dart off every now and then but I can tell there is soemting very wrong because his movement is very little and not in a normal fashion, to sum it up, he is acting sick....I also did a quarter water change today, was advised at the petshop to not do any more than this because it will shock him. he is in an 18 litre tank at 25 degrees...I have those pesty little snails in there, started off with 2 which someone told me would keep the tank clean and voila...I have a gazillion of them now, though it seems they tend to die off when there are too many an obviously small food aupply. I do NOT want to kill them though by putting in an unsafe product, I have done a lot of Googling, yes...GOOGLing to make sure what I have put in is safe and so far no losses. I have bought a new tank today, decided if boomey makes it he's going in that and the snails can have the other one since it's very hard to clean the tank with the snails in it. I had the water tested today everything is good except ammonia was a bit high hence the part water change. I am at a loss, the pet store says theres nothing else I can do for him. I have been reading about Melafix and from my understanding between this and the colloidal silves I have got the bacteria i just wait and see???

  7. Exclamation

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    Please see my previous post for details. I tried to access every single one of my photobucket and flickr accounts, but alas I was forced to make a new one, and here is the link. I have put descriptions under each photo, somebody please help.

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    May I suggest that you get your own test kit - a liquid one is the best. If you aren't checking your own water parameters, chances are really good that poor water quality is stressing this fish - most LFS use test strips which aren't as accurate as liquid testers and they become unreliable once exposed to air.

    Also, if you have a snail "explosion" in that small tank, it's very possible you are overfeeding that fish. Leftover food will rot in a tank and contribute towards ammonia. In a cycled tank, the ammonia should be 0 - anything more than that you should be changing large amounts of water to remove it - it sounds to me like your tank isn't cycled. Buying a new tank to put the fish in if it survives isn't a good idea unless you cycle it first.

    I don't know how long the fish has been in the tank and how often you are changing the water, but checking your own water parameters will tell you when to change the water which should be once a week if it's cycled - more often if it isn't.

  9. Question

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    Hi Andrea,

    We have had Boomer for 19 months now. I should have mentioned the test kit at the pet store is a liquid test kit but I will get my own.We do a part water change every 3 weeks? that's hard for me to gague, I should probably mark it on the calender.I'm not sure what you mean by cycling?

    Is there anything else you think I might do for him now to save him? What do you think the new spot on him is?

    Thanks muchly :

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    Do the most massive water change you can do, right now. Make sure the water is dechlorinized and at the same temp.

    You need to change the water every week at LEAST. Perhaps more depending on how many snails.

    I am assuming you also don't have a heater. Bettas NEED warm water (about 80 degrees) to be happy and healthy. Room temp water stresses them out and makes them prone to infection.

    If the fungus is growing on the filter, there is way too much waste in the tank. Rinse the filter in old tank water to get the gunk off.

    Your problem isn't bacteria, so stop that treatment.

    Clean water, stat!
    20 gallon with a male betta, neons, glowlights, and red cherry shrimp. (work in progess) Recently added a few LIVE plants and driftwood, Woooohoooo!

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