Hi everyone,
Well, trying to cure my daughters Betta fish Boomer. yesterday we notices he had white fuzz on his eyeball and some on his body, to be honest I can't see any on him today, but I have given the tak two doses of colloidal silver since lastnight and one does of Pimafix...but he's still 'lurking' very unenergetically around the tank, he's gone darker in colour and generally doesn't look well. I have snails in his tank, so my idea of salting the water is out and we are in peak snail breeding time, as most of you may know, the snails will multiple very quickly and then die off as food source because a problem, so we have babies at the moment, no way i can 'fish' them all out of there.Anyway I am concerned also, the last two days he has had what looks like a long transuscent/white piece of string approx 2 inches long coming from the front of his body just behind his head, now i used to have gold fish and their poop never looked like this, theirs was brown and would break off, this just kinda....floats, like string, what could it be?We have had Boomer for two years, found some fungus yesterday also growing in the filter, have cleaned it thoroughly, was advised with the Pimafix that we dont do a water change until the 7th day...as it says also on the bottle.Any ideas? I swear i was up googling at 5am this morning looking for cures etc, i could not for the life of me sleep, no matter how big or small the pet is they worry me just the same.Any help appreciated, thanks.He has been a very happy boy for the last two years so no, i dont wish to change anything, step one is saving him, then I will look at how to prevent it from happening again. My daughter would be heartbroken if he died.