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  1. Default Irish Countryside

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    My Aquarium Journal

  2. Default

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    Hey guys I am starting the Aquascape on my 40B. the water is little cloudy still atm but is slowly clearing up. I had cycled it then did a 100% wc with pure RO and now setting up my parameters.

    This has a Stone wall and tree round which is based off the stone walls in an Irish countryside. I have a tire swing to add to the tree yet


    Ammonia 0

    PH High n/a

    PH 6.8

    Nitrites 0

    Nitrates 0

    KH 2

    GH 6

    temp 76.9

    Substrate: Black Beauty Med Grit Blasting Mix (Inert Coal Slag)

    Fish Stock

    Hara jerdoni : Dwarf Anchor Catfish

    Paracheirodon simulans: Green Neon Tetra

    Axelrodi riesei: Ruby Tetra

    espei rasboras

    Celestichthys margaritatus: Celestial Pearl Danio

    Caridina japonica: Amano Shrimp

    Danio tinwini: Gold Ring Danio
    Plant Stock

    DHG Belem foreground carpet

    Marsilea Minuta Upper Level Carpet

    Bylaxa jap (Lower corners of wall)

    Hygrophila pinnatifida (Phoenix Fern)

    Pogostemon helferi (line across top of wall)

    AR Mini (Lower center of wall)

    Xmas Moss Tree Leaves
    My Aquarium Journal

  3. Default

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    My Aquarium Journal

  4. Default

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    My Aquarium Journal

  5. Default

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    My Aquarium Journal

  6. Default

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    Tank is CO2 enriched with pressurized CO2 system using a 10 lb bottle

    SunSun HW-304B 5-Stage External Canister Filter with 9-watt UV Sterilizer, 525 GPH

    T5 Grow Light (2ft 4lamps) DL824 Ho Fluorescent Hydroponic 10,000 Lumens
    My Aquarium Journal

  7. Default

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    Plants Bottom Tier: Alternanthera reineckii Mini, Cryptocornye parva, Eleo Belem, Hygrophila pinnatifida

    Top Tier: Xmas Moss (tree), pogostemon helferi (along top of wall),Anubias nana (petite-bonsai) , Hygrophilia Corymbosa (Temple Compacta), L. repens X arcuata, Lobelia Cardinalis, Subwassertang (Round Pellia), Sagittaria subulata (dwarf sagitaria)
    My Aquarium Journal

  8. Default

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    well today got my CO2 hooked up but man the reactor I think is full but makes like a sloshing sound lol and dunno how much co2 I am putting in someone said abt 4 bubbles per second but i cant count that fast. so I just guessed since no fish in there to hurt I hoping you cant over dose CO2 on plants. I do see some pearling starting very slowly on my Hygrophilia Corymbosa (Temple Compacta)
    My Aquarium Journal

  9. Default

    2 Not allowed!
    Tank is a little clearer today. I ordered 500ml of purigen so sb here fri and will polish the tank nicely

    My Aquarium Journal

  10. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    after running all day I just tested my PH it was 7.0 now it is down to 6.0

    Also do I need to turn co2 on 1/2 hr before lights or is it fine to do it at same time?
    My Aquarium Journal

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