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    tapped out of room for a 90, i was looking on a few forums and they said if all females to keep in an odd number , i am not gonna risk it, i'll get maybe 2 clown loaches, i read they do great in like 3 or 4, another lfs has 2 grown ones for 25.00, they seem to follow each other. I plan on visiting the store this evening and really spending sometime watching the fish and of course more reading

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    You ever think of something other than Severums. Awesome fish.

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    no i will check them out, will the still be ok with a community

    just looked at them and they are pretty i see they get pretty big and i dont think the would go along with other inhabidents.
    the brisltenose pleco, i want at least some small schooling fish maybe some tetra, the Gourami and the reedfish i plan to get, actually have the reed fish paid for and on hold till my tank finishes cycling
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    I am not sure on the actual compatibility of this, just going off of my own experiences, I had a mated pair of Angels and a single Blood Parrot together for a very long time and there was good harmony between them all. Again, this was one circumstance that worked I am not at all saying this works 100% of the time. It could be something worth researching tho.

    This was in a heavily planted 64 gal corner 1/4 circle tank.
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    If you plan on having different fish that are territorial such as angels, gouramis, or any ciclids make sure to add all the other fish first. After you've got your tank the way you want it (hiding places etc) THEN add your territorial fish, and preferrably at the same time. That way they all claim territories at the same time. I have a dwarf gourami that refuses to let me add any other fish that is about the same size as him.
    130g: 4 Angelfish, 2 Roseline Sharks, 12 Conga Tetras, 5 Kuhli Loaches, 1 Otocinslus, 1 Corydora

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    after being at fish store, and more researching, i may add just a lone Angel, the hardest part is just picking one color, if i get a pair, i wont want to mess with the spawning and keeping the young and dont want the other fish to eat the fry, my gf would fee bad.

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    I would pass on the severums then if you have community fish. I wasn't aware you had them already or had them picked out.

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    severums are beautiful almost as good looking as discus.. my gf really wants a community tank with differant kinds she can pick out a few fish, and me with Angels i just had to love a hard fish(hard in the fact they dont get along)

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    Why not just get one Angelfish? It's still a very striking addition to the tank. I just got one Angelfish for my 65 Gallon tank as my Centerpiece fish and I love it. I've always loved Angelfish and wanted to get a group of them for my tank but found out the same info you did about how more than one is usually trouble unless you have a very large tank.

    Anyway, I thought to myself : I'd rather have one Angelfish in my tank than none and am glad that I made that decision.

    I love my single Angelfish
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    If you do not want fry you simply do not feed the fry. Without Baby brine shrimp and in a community tank you will not have baby angelfish for very long, the other fish will eat them.

    Groups of either males or females segregated do get along "if" as was mentioned, you choose the right demeanor of fish. There are crazy angels out there that really rip each other up and there are angels that will not be so aggressive. A good breeder who wants nice brood stock chooses the fish based upon aggression as well as beauty.

    I raise veil, superveil and veil comb tail specifically, all very delicately finned angelfish types, I keep boys and girls together and I have no troubles unless I keep the rowdies to breed. Most of my brood stock has nearly perfect fins.

    If you do try one you will not be able to just add another later, that fish will own that tank and it will be tough to add another. If the breeder had two females living together and you adopted those that would be your best chance. Maybe 90% odds that all would be smooth sailing.

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