Hi, I'm new here but, this is not my first time at the Dance. I used to breed Black Lace Super-Veil Angelfish for sale and to expand my stock. I also had a fifty-five gallon display tank, planted, that contained six of my Adult Black-Lace Supers and a Pleco. Sold a lot of fish because of that tank. They stayed in it for five years. When I got out of the hobby for a while I sold them to another Breeder along with other breeder pairs. They, at sale, had bodies the size of the palm of my hand and went about nine inches tip to tip. For the record, I wear a size 11 glove.

As was stated the demeanor of the fish is as important as their coloring and finnage. None of the Angels in that 55 ever fought or nipped. AAMOF, they all schooled together, like a gang!

It can be done.