I have currently more than hundred eggs in my aquarium. Those can mostly be found around my homemade lavastone caves, but also inside of Eheim aquaball filter basket. I've noticed that they love to lay their eggs on complex labyrinth kind of surface more likely than solid ones.

So my 6 Anentome helenas seem to be mating a lot and there are a lots of eggs, but I can't see any babies or new adults and it's been over 4 months now. Only fish species I could imagine to eat these newborn babies is Apistogramma cacatuoides, because beside of those I only have Corydoras and Melanoides tuberculata living in the bottom of the aquarium. But I wonder if these eggs have ever hatched at all or even fertilized?

Measured water parameters:
Temperature: 25
GH: 7 dH (could be a little bit higher)
KH: 2 dH (-""-)
NO2: 0,07 mg/l (could be a little bit lower)
NO3: 5 mg/l (good)
Water streaming speed: pretty fast and my filter has bubbling head turned on maximum.

Picture of my assasin snails and their eggs: