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  1. Default pros and cons of aquarium salt in fresh water

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    well i have just finally got my tank back together from losing quite a few fish and i want to know ways i can keep it clean/safe besides the obvious water changes and things because i keep up with it cuz i kno how important it is but i went on vacation for 3 weeks and had no one that could clean it for me and when i got back there was something very wrong with it but i just finally got it back to normal.. so i am looking for the goods and bads of aquarium salt in a FW tank because i heard it helps keep diseases out but i heard some fish dont like the salt... any advice will help and be appreciated
    i have 1 cory 4 dalmation mollies 3 red belly tetras, 2 platys and a african frog
    any advice about salt would help
    20 gallon- platies, dalmation mollies, cory cats, red belly x ray tetras,gourami, african dwarf frog

  2. Default

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    These are the only reasons to use salt in a freshwater aquarium that I know of.

    1. Treating any illness or disease or parasite that can be cured by salt treatment.
    2. Preventing nitrite poisoning

    Note that for each of the above it is only for a short term use, and not for everyday use.

    Good article about the myths of salt in the freshwater aquarium

    Basically you don't need salt for everyday use.
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    Since you have tetras I will also recommend the no salt route.

    From what I have read, SA tetras come from areas where there is so little salt as to be none in their water (less than is measurable in ppm). Salt can be quite toxic to them, so I avoid it at all costs.
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    I'd just leave the salt out, until such time as you absolutely have to use it. Salt will stress any kind of freshwater fish to some extent. Some just handle it better than others. And that's just talking about a short 7 to 10 day treatment.
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    A big +1 to all of the above.

    I run no salt in my FW tanks.
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  6. Default

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    I pretty much agree that salt is not generally needed, except for helping cure certain ailments, or for aiding in getting rid of ich. One exception though would be African Cichlids. Many people use salt or a salt mixture to help buffer otherwise softer water.
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    There is no reason to use salt. And you don't want your fish to become immune to salt for when you may need to use it. Plants don't appreciate salt, either.

    I use salt only if I see a wound. I once had an angelfish that had a big bubble of some kind sticking out of it's gill. It was there for months no matter what I did to treat it. I added salt and the darned bubble was gone 3 days later. Still have no idea what it was.

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    In my freshwater tanks: NO salt -- ever.
    20 gal. high: planted; 7 white cloud minnows, several RCS, 2 blue shrimp, 5 Amano shrimp, several snails; Azoo air. 65 gal: planted; 6 rosy barbs, 6 yellow glofish, 3 red glofish, 3 zebra danios, 5 white cloud minnows, 3 dojo loaches, 6 crimson spot rainbow fish, 12 large Amano Shrimp, several snails; AC110.

  9. Default

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    Salt causes kidney failure in fresh water fish.

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    Yeah. Salt should only be used for illness and saltwater/ reef tanks.

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