I'm getting so frustrated.

Just when I think this 90 gal tank is in perfect shape, I'm starting to wonder if the smallest of my 2 BP has a problem (this is NOT the one that had the coloration issues discussed on another thread)
Several times today, I noticed the fish up toward the top near one of the power heads. Sometimes it just hangs there upside down :o(
Then again, it will go off and play with the sev for a while. But tonight, it's up at the top again. And the thing that makes me worry for it is that when I approached the tank, it doesn't dart away like it ALWAYS does when I come near.

Water perims this AM were 0/0/5 before I did a 30% W/C to get the last of the salt out of the tank from the ich treatment. ph 7 temp 80F and stable. I dosed with enough prime to condition to the entire tank

I've got tons of aeration and filtration. (1200 cascade canister and UGF with twin powerheads.) I've got 2 bubblers running and the power heads are pointed up at a 45 degree angle and making ripples on the surface. Spray bars are angled up a little so they too are making a ripple.

The truth is, though, all of the fish seem a little sluggish. they are not eating with their usual aggression.

I don't THINK I'm over reacting and I am a little jumpy about the tank since the ich episode so just talk me down if you think all is good.

I checked on him again just now ... he's down at the bottom again. Can't tell if his respiration is rapid because I don't know what rapid is for a BP. Can't compare to the other BP because as usual, he darts under a rock cave when he sees me coming.

Am I over reacting?