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Okay. went back to the filter and the basket had popped up again. Here's what I did.
First I removed the tube and reseated. Didn't seem to make a difference and the basket popped up again.
So for the heck of it I moved the bio balls to the bottom of the basket and put the sponge on top. As of now, it seems to have solved the problem. The basket is staying put, the water flow is much better (hadn't even realized that had become an issue until I saw how much better the flow is now) and the noise is significantly less.
Could it be that simple? And will the filtration be as effective with the media positions reversed?
Again thanks. I really appreciate the speedy responses!
Hummm......The biomax should be on top to help hold the sponge down but also it should be where the water is the cleanest. But, you have to do what you have to do, I guess, to get this working for you.

I am using a canister filter in additon so I clean my sponge under the kitchen sink. A lot of crap is in those sponges and it just sounds to me as it isn't allowing the water to flow thru it.

Another thing I do when I am running my vac gravel is stick it right in the filter box and suck up the crap in the bottom of the filter and the %$@(*& snails that get in it.

Probably will not make any difference but it might be something you may want to try incase the box has got a bunch of crap in the bottom of it.