Hey gang. My wife and I want to have live plants in our aquarium but we have no clue what to do for lighting. We bought the tank as a starter kit and it came with a hood that had a marineland led light built in. We replaced that with a hood that has a 15 watt fluorescent bulb and added some whisteria and anacharis. But now we are reading that even that isn't enough light.. We also have a marineland hidden led light that I use for the lunar light. Would it help to use that light on the white light setting along with the 15 watt bulb? Would that be enough to keep the plants doing well? We would like to add more plants of different varieties but want to make sure they have enough light, within a tight budget. Any thoughts on what we need? Do they make a stronger fixture that will fit onto my existing hood?

P.s. sorry for the wall of text