Hey i need some help choosing my fish i currently have 3 tanks 2 99g and one 26g tank (not from the US just turned to this forum since the "Best" one for my location are everyone just morrons and don't know anything about fish)

I'm looking for a bigger fish i just love them im going to move my fish from my 99 gallons to my other 99 just leaving 19 fish that i need to figure out what to do with them, they are tiger barbs but they can't live where the others are going since my angelfish will just sit in a corner for the rest of their life. Had the tigers live with the angels before i bought another 99 galon tank for them to have and i love my angelfish to much to let them go through it again.

I'm searching for a fish with a minimum of 7.9 in in lenght in aquariums

I love Bala sharks and oscars but i belive my tank is a tad to small to keep them

If the fish is small enough to have tank mates i would love some tips on that aswell. If you are recomending a oscar or any other predatory fish i would love a catfish that won't get eaten, i got about 100 ancistrus fry but they don't grow so big so i might need a bigger catfish to help with the cleaning :D

I'm from sweden so please use the scentific name of the fish so i can easly find information about them

I know it's alot of information that im asking for but i would love some tips.

Thanks in advance