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    Exclamation Very sick fish....steps?

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    My cockatoo cichlid was doing amazing. He was in QT for 2.5 weeks. healthy, ate, active, no issues.

    Added him to main tank, and the EBR wasn't fond of him, but didnt do much.

    So the cockatoo was just shy and hung out in the corner of the tank.

    I get home from work and he's swimming around, but doing a barrel roll/spiral swim.

    So i put him back in QT, and he's slow moving, bottom of the tank, bend shape.

    Anyone seen this/know how to treat it, or is it too late?

    ....i dont get it

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    I've heard that's from ammonia poisoning.. But I'm not 100% sure.

  3. Default

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    This sucks miz, I'm sorry.

    Standard Qs:
    Water params
    Substrate type

    Dunno, just taking shots in the dark here. Let us know what happens and hopefully someone will have an idea or two.
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    maybe, but the other fish in the tank aren't showing any symptoms

    doing a massive water change regardless....

    not waiting for the api kit to tell me my levels, rather be safe than sorry
    I did a 60% change tuesday
    and a 50% sunday.

    so not sure there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nephalem
    This sucks miz, I'm sorry.

    Standard Qs:
    Water params
    Substrate type

    Dunno, just taking shots in the dark here. Let us know what happens and hopefully someone will have an idea or two.
    Thanks, I know to post them, but just finished hauling near 70gallons of water up and down stairs....exhausted now.

    I grabbed some water prior to the change to test against.
    ammonia=0.25ppm (haven't seen ammonia in over 4 months)
    trites 0
    trates 5ish

    but just did an 80% change. so they should all ready 0.
    over dosed with prime to make sure.
    then did a 60% change on the QT.

    Substrate-pea sized gravel
    filtration: 2 Penguin 200's. each packed with biomax. sponge filter on one intanke.
    Temp constant at 81
    Airation sufficient w/ the water movement on top of tank.
    no other fish in main tank showing any issues. cory's are buzzing around like normal, pleco is laying out. EBR exploring like always. etc.

    that's why it is confusing. even if it was ammonia and someone else would show something?

    The CC is now just laying at the bottom of the QT. breathing normally. still bent and every once in a while spins....

  6. Default

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    Oh yeah I knew you knew to post em. Just like I said no other ideas for you. I know how hectic it gets when your trying to act fast tho. I'm the same way. I can test later, but if something is already happening its the last of my worries, cuz a WC is happening anyway.

    Wish I had some other ideas for you. Your right if no one else is showing symptoms the only thin I can think is he has a specific issue that just didnt show signs until today, and the timing with the tank change was just coincidence. Parasites maybe? I don't remember hearing about any genetic problems or species specific stuff when I was studying them...

    What else is in the tank? Full list when you get time. Plants too. No rush cuz I know your busy with this, and sorry if you already listed them all, wasn't sure if the cories, pleco, and EBR were it.
    "A grain of sand is all I ever wanted to be. Lay me down and let the water wash over me, wash over me." -Mickey Newbury
    ~-~-~ }~)){'> <}MocE{> }~)){'> ~-~-~
    Prove that size doesn't matter
    Painted fish belong on canvas, not in aquaria

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    Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

    While he was in QT, he was treated with anti bacterial meds appropriately...but anything is still a possibility if it is parasites/neuro/genetics...but in my research of the CC to make sure he was an appropriate fit for the tank..nothing came up regarding common issues/concerns/warnings with the Cockatoo. humph

    The bend isn't as severe now, so i'll take any thing as progress right now. Just hope that he'll pull through over night and the other fish in QT leave him alone. He's 2x as big as any of the others in that tank, so they should let him be

    In the tank:
    2 pieces of driftwood, 2 flat river rock, 1 other rock, called "live rock" or something for SW aquariums. friend had it in storage, dried out for months and just gave it to me. cleaned and put in tank and a plethora of plants. 5/6 amazon swords, 1 ozelott sword, 1 rosette sword, couple bunches of wisteria.
    1 rubberlip pleco
    12ish silver tip tetras...can't count them
    4 spotted corys
    2 male swordtails
    1 EBR

    in QT with the CC right now
    4 silvertip tetras
    3 spotted corys
    running a sponge filter rated for 40gal
    tank is 10gal w/ nothing in it but a fake plant.

    I'm just baffled. I was rearranging things tuesday a day after I introduced him b/c he was being shy...and stirred up some gravel that hasnt been touched in many many weeks b/c of the wood/plant placement...but even so I did a 60% pwc right after that.
    and the CC didnt display any issues, nor did he yesterday.

  8. #8


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    Could just be delayed stress... It happens. They are a very sensitive fish. He could also be being very badly picked on by your EBR when the lights are out. I lost 2 whole batches of cories to a "mystery disease" before I realized some time later that my Yoyo Loaches had been attacking them relentlessly at night, even though they left them completely alone when I was watching during the day. There's a lot that goes on in our tanks without us knowing.

  9. #9


    0 Not allowed!
    Very well could be harassed at night by the EBR.

    I know they weren't that thrilled with each other when I introduced the CC, but for 3 days they didn't associate with one another.

    But I woke up and he didn't pull through the night.

    No clue. bummer bummer bummer.

  10. #10


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    I am so sorry for your loss
    Why, yes, I do have a podcast that has absolutely nothing to do with fish: Rural Adventures In Creativity And Sanity
    I started an aquarium journal! It is here on AC!

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