This isn't really a question, but I just joined and I kind of just want to brag about my angels! (Don't we all?) I have 5 juveniles right now in a 40 tall, and it's a little crowded but once they pair up I'm returning the other 4. Here are my angels:
Calypso(orange koi) Amethyst(grey marble below)




Also in the tank, I have 3 HY511 (Candy Cane) tetras, 3 sparkling gouramis, 2 small cory catfish, and one large axel rodi cory catfish. Oh! and I have a kuhli loach, but he always hides in the gravel.

As far as plants go, I'm just getting started. I feel like I should have made the decision to plant my aquarium before I got the fish but oh well. I am fairly sure I don't have the best choice of lighting, but I'll see how it goes.

I haven't quite figured out how to take the plants out of the pot yet, I only have an amazon sword and some plants that look like short mangroves or banana trees.