Hey everyone :) After 10 years of being aquarium free, i decided to go for a cichlid tank again because i loved having my cichlid tank so much when i was younger.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what the best mid sized cichlids are as far as color and personality that would be great. The first two i bought for my cichlid community were a albino tiger oscar and a salvini. The salvini was an impulse buy as i was staring at tanks at my LFS and had never seen one before... once the google images popped up for adult salvinis i had an employee bag one up for me.

At this point I am thinking an electric blue jack dempsey based on some of the research I have done, or maybe a blue acara. Is there anything close to a miniature fiestae? Anything colorful that would go well with these two?
I just don't want anything bigger than the oscar.. so something around the savini's size

I don't have a final tank yet, just temporary for the juvis.