I posted the other day regarding using colloidal silver for helping my beta which had been attacked.

Although he's still swimming rather well and looks okay he still has problems. I've now discovered that he is blind. Unfortunately my luck was blind Bettas is not all that great. I had one a while ago which I had taken in from the pet store, In efforts to try to help it. it lasted no more than a month.

I'd like to improve my success with this little guy. For feeding I turn off the filter and leave the food floating for a while hoping that when he goes up to take breath you'll run into it and get some. He did get at least a tiny bit tonight.

Also I don't know if anybody has any suggestions for growing back his fins other than just leaving him and the aquarium salt and obviously in his own tank. His fins and tail are all torn and about half the size that they would be for a female betta.