I plan to buy fish for my 45 gallon this Friday and wonder if I could get some feedback on my stocking plan.

I have a Rena xP2 filter. The tank is cycled and heated to 76 degrees. It is planted in eco-complete with cabomba, vallisneria, hornwort, hairgrass, and a couple of other small plants that I don't know the names of. The tall plants extend to the top of the water and are planted in roughly three large clumps acros the tank. I'm hopeful that the ground cover plants will do exactly that eventually. There are three marimo moss balls and one driftwood branch suspended from the top of the tank. There are three large rocks and a large number of smaller ones. Five ceramic containers either support some of the plants or provide cave space.

The water's pH is 6.4 right now and I don't believe it will ever be too much higher than that (my ten gallon tetra tank and my 5.5 gallon betta tank are both about the same). API test strips indicate that the KH and GH numbers are quite high although I am not sure how reliable that is; I don't have access to the liquid tests for hardness.

Here is what I am thinking of putting in the tank:
1 bristlenose catfish (would have to add a piece of driftwood or mopani wood on the bottom)
12-15 rummynose tetras
1 dwarf gourami
1 angel fish

Some alternatives that I'm considering:
8-9 congo tetras instead of the rummynose
6-8 otos instead of the bristlenose (I would like to have corydoras, but need something to help with algae removal)
1 apistogramma instead of the gourami

I'm pretty sure that all of these fish tolerate low pH. From what I've read, I think that they can make good tankmates, but I'd like your insights on that.

Are there other fish that you would recommend instead of some of these? Any experiences with similar setups that you could share with me. Any dire warnings.