Hello to all, I have had this large tank for several years but wasn't the one taking care of it until several months ago. When I took over it had 1 sad lonely albino cory about 3 years old. The tank hadn't been cleaned, pH was way too high, not enough water to run filter and no light. I fixed all of that by scrubbing the sides, siphoning the gravel, adding water with the pH already corrected, and cleaning the decor. Four days later bought my cardinals and sterbai cory. The original albino cory was growing and looking super healthy and active and died on me with no warning 2 days later. I figure he was so used to the prior horrible conditions that the corrections killed him. Bummer.. so I bought another. So I've gradually bought the rest of my water babies and tweeked the tank slowly to accommodate everybody including adding aquarium salt for my mollies, stress coat treatment and feeding blood worms to my dragon and ghost. So there are 2 issues now. I had bought a golden mystery snail about 3 weeks ago and just realized he's dead. Bought it and dude zoomed all of my tank groping everything then the next day locked himself in his shell and hadn't budged since. This morning I noticed it's shell had been spun around and there were holes in it and the opening was very thin but it's "door" still looked shut tight. Called my local joint and they weren't sure what to tell me and said to bring it in tomorrow. I had already researched a bit online so I scooped the snail out to get a closer look and it started pouring out of the holes in the sides!! What happened? What do I need to do to keep a snail with the rest of my water babies all copacetic? If I can't have one I'll deal but I do like that they help keep my glass algae-free. I, of course, siphoned it's remains out and did a 25% water change (being kinda grossed out and such!). I've read to keep the water level as close to the top as possible unless I want snail babies (easy if true) and adding cuttlebone to supply calcium but don't know if that will hurt my other wet pets. Second issue is my ghost has white specs on it. I raised the water temp to 84 degrees(F) in hopes that it would kill ich if that's the problem but it's been 2 days and only slight improvement. I'm afraid to use chemicals as I've also read the ghosts are sensitive to such. It's still quite active so do I wait it out? Any and all suggestions regarding my snail pursuit or any of my other water babies are welcomed and appreciated.