So! I just got my own African Dwarf Frogs today! 2 males and 1 female!
I have had an African Clawed Frog when I was younger, (I'm only 19 now) but it was in my aunt's 100+ gal tank and she took most of the care!
I have a 15 gal tank with 6 Neon Tetra, 4 Danios, some Ghost shrimp and 3 ADF!
I am concerned about one thing though, my tank is a tall tank, I added a long piece of drift wood that reaches the top so they can swim using that, but I still see them going a bit up then floating down a bit, then a bit up, etc. then finally racing up and then back down. I'm scared they're gonna be too exhausted trying to breathe all the time. I was wondering if anyone had some type of underwater air pocket they built? Similar to the Crabitat things? And any advice otherwise would be great! Thanks!