Ok so we went ahead and bought her... Good thing too cuz the friend of ours that works there laughed because one of the other employees was thinking about taking her home too.

I still have to wait to put her in with the others till I know if any fry survived the wriggler stage. I don't want to tear the tank up changing things and risk killing the only couple of surviving fry.

So what I was thinking was putting her in my bedroom QT tank until i can get the others moved into a bigger new home, but the qt tank currently has some microfishies in it. They came from the same lfs and are fairly new so i dont have much worry about putting them together as far as cross contamination. Also we have been watching the white sunset for weeks at the lfs when she was almost the only thing in her tank, so im fairly confident she is safe.

However, whats in the QT tank is my Pygmy gourami (also known as sparkling or croaking gourami) and my Gertrudae, and a couple Albino African dwarf frogs that we are fattening up before moving to our riparium. I know thicklips are fairly peaceful as far as gourami go, and so are Pygmy, but would they be ok together?

I'm not worried about the gertys or the ADKs, as they are always chill. I just don't know if separate gourami species can identify others of their genetic line and get territorial. Like if you put a giant gourami and a climbing perch together would they know they were both part of the same branch?