So the LFS that sold us our sunset gourami (the ones that just had fry) has this weird new one in. It is almost completely white. She is absolutely beautiful, and we were thinking about buying her, but I fear her color will go standard once we get her home since sunsets are known to change from orange to black. I just don't know what color she will change to. Black like normal? Back to orange? Anyway, we don't want to do anything till the batch of wriggles we have is free swimming and either doing well and growing, or gets eaten. But until then I thought I would ask if anyone else has seen a sunset like this? Or is she somehow some super rare color morph?

Obviously if you compare her to the standard color before we bring them home

Or even the color after they change

She is obviously very unique compared to the rest of ours, or even the rest of the gourami in the tank with her at the LFS.

So folks, is this normal? Semi-rare? Super-rare?