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    Default is my heater broken/faulty?

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    the heater is 300w in the vertical position midway between the intake and spray bar on the back wall, the tank is 75 gallons standard, the thermometer is on the front wall left corner about 20 inches opposite the intake and 24" diagonal from the heater, im using a sunsun (dont laugh) canister filter rated for 80 gallons the intake is on the back wall in the left corner, the spray bar is attached to the right wall facing intake opposite, pissing at a 30 degree angle about an inch above the water to promote a decent deep current without submerging...

    now, i originally set the heater to 77, thermometer reads 73, so i cranked the heater up to about 80 and i havent noticed a change in temp on the thermometer yet, could be too soon, been about 3 hours, when the heater was set lower it seemed like the light came on sort of often in retrospect, but not enough to make me suspicious, and not nearly as much as it does now. its on for ten seconds off for ten seconds, roughly. much more briefly than my other heaters, i had a heater rated for 15 gallons in this 75 gallon that didnt seem to work nearly as hard (or get my water past 73), and this was supposed to be an upgrade. i dont understand it, it seems like the thermostat knows that the right temperature has not been achieved, so it cuts on, but then only a few seconds later it thinks it did the job and cuts back off. i know they cut on and off as they reach temp and the temp drops ad nauseum, but intervals of only a five to ten seconds? i have a 200w heater in a 20 gallon tank with a filter rated for 30 gallons, and its working wonderfully, same brand, technic i believe.

    ten bucks for a 300w heater, so i wont be utterly heartbroken, but i was wondering does anyone here have any experience similar to this? should i replace the heater? does it sound like its going to fry my tank or burn my house down? with larger heaters and tanks is this just normal? is my electric bill about to skyrocket? i hope i posted in the right spot, good bad and ugly input is welcome, t'anks (check out that pun!!!) in advance!
    fish are aliens

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    my estimates on the on/off intervals were off, i timed it, 23 seconds off, 4 seconds on. sometimes this varies by two seconds in either direction. i also turned the heater to max, 32c (89.6 f), hoping that it would at least stay on a while to heat the water, or heat it and stay off a while. no such luck so far...

    sorry for two posts, thanks again

    fish are aliens

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    Sometimes you get what you pay for.

    If the heater is in a area were it is getting good flow, then I would say something is wrong with it and I would replace it. You don't want a faulty heater in your tank. Consider a hydro 300 watt in-line heater if you replace your heater.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
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    I would also replace it. It's usually cheaper to buy a new heater than to buy a whole new stock when something goes wrong.
    Da name's Paul. Not Dave. ROFL

    Learn to give and take. That's how things should always work.

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    well darn...thank you both, i will replace it
    fish are aliens

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    Quote Originally Posted by a_blast
    well darn...thank you both, i will replace it
    Look up your heater's manufacturer online. Might still be covered under a warranty, could possibly to get a replacement for free. I've had a heater mess up a tank before was set at 78F, overnight the heater cooked the fish. By morning when I discovered the tank, water was well into the 90F's. Not worth the chance of a heater failing if you have doubts about it. Personally since that heater messed up, I only use heaters in tanks that absolutely need them. Also I test the heaters in a bin, to make sure it's not leaking voltage and showing the proper temps.

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    i keep my place pretty cold, so the only tank without a heater is the gold fish tank. i contacted the seller on ebay and they have shipped another one at no cost to me. i have a 150w from the same guy that actually saved a tank when i bought some ich. do big heaters seem more prone to malfunction than small ones? i could run two 150s, instead of some ramshackle work horse...
    fish are aliens

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    No, big heaters are not prone to malfunction, the un-branded ones are, especially from ebay.
    Da name's Paul. Not Dave. ROFL

    Learn to give and take. That's how things should always work.

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    hahaha... im 1 for 2 so far, lets see if this free replacement breaks the tie in my favor... you can count on an update
    fish are aliens

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