I moved Star, my first Angelfish, from the QT over to the main tank and it is one HAPPY fishie! It's swimming all over the tank, investigating top to bottom, side to side and is actually having fun allowing the current of my filter to push it back and forth. The other fish have taken notice to the new roommate but all is well.

Guess moving from a 10 gallon QT to a 65 gallon must feel as if it's world has totally opened up. It's doing laps in all this space! I'm watching Star now as she swims in and out of my amazon sword leaves and goes up and down the wall of the tank looking at it's reflection. Star has also noticed the few Cherry Shrimp in the tank and is nipping at them. They will more than likely become an Angel snack if I don't rescue them soon

I'm in love with Star, my beautiful Angelfish