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  1. Default Heater placement, underneath centre brace

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    Hey guys need your advice on this,
    I have a 150 gallon with a centre brace that's submerged approximately 2-3 inches below the water line. It's in the absolute centre of my 5ft long aquarium and I was wondering if I can affix an eheim jager heater on the underbelly of my centre brace which is 24 inches wide. There is adequate water flow but I want to know if the heater will function properly in this position. Also my temperature without a heater right now is fairly consistent at 81 degrees but I am keeping discus and I want them at 84. Should I go with a 300 watt in the middle underneath or two smaller ones at the side walls of the tank. The tank measures 5ft x 2ft x 2ft. Thanks in advance for your help, hope to get some suggestions soon as I need to get this tank heated ASAP!

  2. Default

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    I would go with 2 heaters at roughly 200w each on both sides of the tank. Do you already have the 300w heater?

  3. Default

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    no I didn't buy it yet, the reason I was thinking about putting it under the centre brace is that it wouldn remain hidden. Also I have a bubble stick on the floor beneath the brace which results in pockets of air under the center brace, i don't know if that would affect the functionality of the heater any.

  4. Default

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    You could also go with an inline heater
    Such as this:
    On your tank though, you will need two.
    I copied this link because it gives specs, reviews and large pics.
    Last edited by jeffs99dime; 10-02-2012 at 02:39 PM.

  5. Default

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    thanks, when I was first setting up the tank I was actually looking at the same inline heater but I have a fluval fx5 hooked up with a uv sterilizer so I literally have no room for an inline heater, let alone two, haha.

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    I personally wouldn't have the heater under a center brace that tends to collect air bubbles - I would be too chicken about the heater potentially being out of the water. Also, because warmer water tends to rise to the surface (where it evaportes and cools), it is generally more efficient to have the heater lower in the tank. I usually stick mine horisontally about 2-3 inches from the top of the gravel under or around a filter outflow, to make sure heated water is well distributed. It really is better to have two heaters on a tank that size though, unless you can manage a lot of current all through the tank.

  7. Default

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    thanks guys, yeah I'm not going to do the center brace placement for sure, it just seemed like a nice idea because the heater won't really be visible and I have a 'clean' tank, no wires and only the intake and output for the filter.
    My tank is 5feet long, should I place one 300wt at one end or a 250, or two 200's at both ends,

    200 79-106 gallons
    250 106-159 gallons
    300 159-264 gallons

  8. #8


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    2 200s on both ends in the path of the flow.

  9. Default

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    thanks man, one of the ends has my fluval fx5 output right next to it and I can angle it directly onto the filter but the other has the intake, will the intake count as enough flow on that end?

  10. #10


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    IMO, you don't want all that heated water to be running into the filter since it has a greater chance of cooling especially in tubing... But, I doubt it will present much of an issue since you have the other heater going as well.

    Are the input and output on the same side of the tank? You won't get enough flow to really spread the heat around but the Fx5 is an impressively strong filter so you probably won't have cool spots.

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