I recently fishless cycled a new 90 gal FW then stocked which included 2 blood parrots (see signature line for other fish). All was well for the first week and then I spotted ich on my gold Sev and EBJD. I'm almost finished with ich treatment (85F) and lots of aeration and with the sad exception of losing my angel fish, all seems to be proceeding well.

But this morning, I became concerned about my bigger blood parrot.
This fish had a few little dustings of brown blotches when I got it. I assumed it was just the way it was. But today I noticed that the brown has grown and spread and now I'm concerned about this fish as well.
Both BP's are very shy and hide a lot. Generally the only time I get to see them is from a distance and if I sneak up on the tank. but my observations have been that they are both eating well and are active.
Still - could someone give me an opinion on what, if anything, is going on with the coloration on this BP? Is it normal? Could he possibly be stained from the 'new tank brown algae syndrom' that is pretty heavy in this tank right now? Or do I potentially have a problem with a sick fish

It took forever, but I finally got a photo of the discoloration on the bigger blood parrot

smaller BP and sev - marked color difference. this fish has always been more orange where the bigger one is an apricot color.

Thoughts? Do I have a fish in trouble?