Hi. I currently have 2 apple snails in my 30 gal community tank - a yellow and a blue. I LOVE them - they are so interesting to watch.
They seem to be very healthy snails, are very active and good eaters. I feed them algae tabs and veggie pellets and always keep fresh zuccinhi, or watermelon or cucucumber in the tank for them and the BNP which they devour. And of course, they are always working the sides and bottom of the tank as well as the artificial plants.

Since I've had them - approx 3 months - they have doubled in size.
1) How big do these suckers get? LOL If they keep doubling in size every 3 months, I'll have to get them a tank all their own soon.
2) Today I noticed that the blue snail has a little hole in its shell about the size of a small grain of sand. I can see through the blue shell to the dark gray snail matter. Is this something I should be worried about? And if so, is there anything I should be doing about it?

thanks. I really like these guys and want to make certain I'm doing right by them.