I've recent|y purchased a Fire Belly Toad (Fire Belly Frog? I don't know, I'm finding mixed results on whether they're toads or frogs.) The pet store sold me a dozen "small size" crickets, saying that's what they'd been feeding the tank of frog/toads, and most sites I researched claimed crickets were an acceptable food source.

One curiosity came into my mind on the way home, though. If the habitat is about 50/50 land/water, isn't there a good chance the crickets will jump into the water and drown before the frog/toad catches them? Or will the hungry creature probably see and recognize the food before it has a chance to die, even if it falls into the water? Does anyone have experience with seeing their FBT catch crickets even if they fall/jump in the water?

Maybe I'm too paranoid and nervous about the new pet. Anyways, any help appreciated.