A lot of people seam to have difficulties entering pics in out comps due to the file size and format type. I thought I would post some instructions on how I like to resize pics in hopes this will help others. There are many different ways to do this. This is the way I like when using Windows 7

Start by opening the pic in Microsoft paint. I find it easiest to do that by left clicking on the pic, then selecting “open with” and finally selecting “Microsoft Paint”

Next step is to click on “resize” and then select “pixels” on the new menu that pops up.

Next you can manually resize the pic by typing in the size that you want. In this case I will type in 800 as that is the maximum allowed by our competition rules. Once done click on “OK”

The last step is to save it as a JPEG file/format. You can do that by clicking on the file menu, then “save as”. A new menu will appear. Select the JPEG format from the drop down menu then you can save the file as you normally would