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Thread: Betta and GBR?

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    Aug 2009
    Plymouth, Massachusetts

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    Default Betta and GBR?

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    My immediate assumption is that this will be a big no... but I did a little searching and am wondering now if it can be done.

    Can a betta be kept with GBR in a 29 gallon heavily-planted tank?

    I have read in a few places that it can be done if the betta isn't aggressive. I want to hear your opinions on this matter! Have any of you had success with this?
    29 Gallon Tank : planted. stock: 2 GBR, 13 Harlequin Rasbora, 5 otocinclus, bn pleco

    6.6 Fluval Chi: planted. stock: 1 male halfmoon betta

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    A female betta in with a single GBR could work.

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    I tried this with a female betta in a 30-gallon community tank with a pair of rams. I have a lot of plants for hiding and thought a female would be less likely to get in a fight. The one I picked wasn't the one...she constantly had shredded fins...I think the male GBR would win against the betta, but the betta would win against the female the female ram would always dart away quickly when the betta came around. In the end, I re-homed the betta. I got mine from a plcae that has the bettas in single bowls, so I had no idea how aggressive or not she would be. I have seen female bettas for sale when they have a lot of them all in one tank together to choose from. Maybe if you had a LFS with that setup you could watch and pick out a less aggressive one?
    55 gallon planted - Fish & Shrimp - Pair of Gold Rams, albino bristlenose plecos, school of neon tetras, school of praecox dwarf neon rainbowfish, australe orange killifish, yellow kimono killifish, amano shrimp, bamboo shrimp, and a cherry shrimp colony. Plants - Dwarf baby tears, vals, guppy grass, moss, narrow-leafed java fern, amazon swords, anubias, and crypts

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    Also note that you had breeding rams... Single fish with single fish could work fine in theory. The only way to really tell is by checking and having a plan b.

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