Hi guys. So I'm a little worried. My dwarf frog, Robert has swollen up in the past two hours.

Three days ago I fed her a fair amount of blood worms, and two days ago and today I tried her on Topfin's Frog, newt and Tadpole bits to try and get more nutrients in her.

She ate her first batch (Two little pellets) without much problem, but they had to soak in the tank for a while so she could crumble them. The second batch she hasn't touched yet. All through out today she was thin and active like normal. Then I look over and she's perfectly still (Unless I move the tank, she'll wriggle a little) and bloated. Is it just weight gain from the pellets and worms from two/three days ago? Or worse.

She hasn't eaten her food today, and I'm not sure what's going on.... Dropsy keeps coming to mind, but she's not that swollen yet, I don't think.