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Thread: Is 75 enough?

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    Lightbulb That's a rough looking fish :-(

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    A living example of a far better looking fish might be better ;-)

    This is from the same site you linked on it's page about tank setup for Oscars:

    If you are planning to keep Oscars then you really must provide them with an aquarium that is set up specifically to cater for their requirements. We always recommend going for the absolute largest tank you can afford, or house into your property. Many people seem to agree that 55 gallons is about the minimum size aquarium if you want to keep one adult Oscar. I would actually recommend no less than 75 gallons for one adult Oscar. The extra room will really benefit your fish and will significantly reduce the amount of maintenance needed if accompanied with a good filtration system. Once you start thinking about more than one Oscar then you are looking at tanks in excess of 100 gallons.
    It's a shame they apparently don't call people out on it for the sake of the fish if nothing else.
    Gas mileage isn't everything OIIIIIIIO
    Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.
    Why pretend there are no stupid questions? Actually, There are many stupid questions: "Should I drink this bleach?" Is just one example.
    Having said that, Just because it's a stupid question doesn't mean that it shouldn't be asked. It's better to know.

    A warm beer is better than a cold beer. Because nothing is better than a cold beer, and a warm beer is better than nothing.

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    I'm certainly one of those people who would say a 75g is the absolute minimum for an adult oscar and I would only use that as a quarantine tank. This seems like the endless question about oscars - what's the minimum tank size, lol! The bigger the aquarium obviously the better off you're going to be. The fish in the 40g, I'm hoping it's just the angle of the photo, but it looks terrible! The poor fish looks stunted in length by a significant margin. From my experience, oscars which are kept in small tanks for too long will develop physical deformities. The typical situation is a large oscar in a 55g and when people bring them into the stores the fish always have problems. But this is just my experience - Each of us have our own - I say do whatever you want because we've all been there before :p
    220g South American
    90g Reef
    20g Reef
    20g Reef

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    i raised my O to an adult in 55, then moved him with 2 buddies to a 125 with a orniate bichar.. that was a bit cramped, found a man getting rid of his 500 gallon saltwater tanks for 100 bucks, that cheap cause he didnt wanna help lift it, lol so in 500 i had 3 Os bichar and clown knife, i did have a BGK for a while till i changed it. everything seemed fine in 500, with 125 sump, 2 fx5s and 2 Emperor 400s on back. thats when i was 20, kept it less than a year and moved back home for collage. i miss it and will have another monster tank, as i am truely a monster fish keeper, now 23 back home giving a 75 communinty tank a try. wow sorry i went OT, but IMO a 75 is perfect min for an adutl O

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    my reaction to 500g for 100 bucks = then i started drooling think that i could fit so many mbuna.......
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

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    hey Northerly, i see you are NC, check the CL man, i got mine from Ashville, had to get a Penske truck to go get it.. i checked a week ago and there was a 125 for 75, just without a stand.. i drooled, i just cant fit a 125 in my room.. again soo sorry to go OT

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