Originally had a 55growout with 3 severums, 1 jack dempsey, 1 convict, and 6 tiger barbs. Finally got two other tanks, a 40breeder for the jack's permanent home, and the 30 for the convict's. Had to put my betta into the 30 for now as it displaced the 10 he was in previously, so it's unusable for now, though this betta will likely die within a few months, as he is the last of 4 I'd gotten roughly 2 years ago.

So I'm planning to dump the convict and the Jack dempsey in the 40 as a secondary growout (they're only a little bit longer than an inch right now). It's still more room and less fish than the 55, at least. But I'm wondering, should I move the tiger barbs over with them now? I had planned to leave them at the end with the convict in the 30 in the end. I had them for my sevs who were ridiculously timid for several months and only now have gotten more confident (I'm really hoping the sudden loss of buddies won't get them back to hiding again... oy vey...).

If you think the tigers should stay in the 55 (I think it'd be stretching it for overstocking once the sevs got to their full size -> but by then I should have a 125/150 to dump my oscar in, so they can have his 65 growout... would that work?), what else can I eventually add to the 30/40? I'm thinking of cories or bristlenose plecos, based on their non-cichlidness to upset the JD and convict. What about danios? Another group of tigers or other barbs? Particularly the convict tank, as he will not have another convict to breed with and get super territorial, and he won't grow up as big as the JD in his respective tank.