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Thread: JD goes berserk

  1. Default JD goes berserk

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    Hello, I am new here. Casual fish keeper for about 50 years. Not an expert by long shot.
    I have posted the following in other forums with no results.

    I have a 2.5 year old 6-7" JD that was a big pet (ate out of hand, play peek-a-boo at edge of glass, loved to strut his stuff for the camera). Except for the feeder fish I put in now and then and the the "house keeping" fish the JD was the only fish in the tank.

    the 55g tank he was in developed a small leak. Decided to replace tank.

    Over a period of a week or two cycled the new tank set up exactly like the old one. Introduced the Jack to the new tank. At first all seemed well until I walked by one side of the new tank. The JD went berserk flinging himself against all sides of the tank.

    It has now been six weeks and every time I walk by the tank the fish goes berserk. He stays hidden in a corner now never coming out unless it is dark or no one is near the tank. I keep expecting him to die but he looks good and does eat as long as no one is near the tank. I can stand 10-12 feet away and he does fine. Comes out and eats and acts normal.
    If I start to approach the tank as soon as I am within 6 feet he goes berserk. This from a fish that in the old tank would play with my hand at the surface and swim back and forth following my hand on the glass.

    Is it possible the new tank has a reflection problem that makes the fish think he is being attacked when some one walks by? This tank does have a "mirror" effect when looking in at an angle. The old tank and the new tank are the same brand name.

    I have tried different things but as soon as I walk by this happens (anyone clocked one of these fish? Seems he is able to move pretty fast).
    Old tank is not repairable or I would repair it and put him back in it.

    Opinions? Advice?

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    Why the private message if posting in a forum?

    Why don't you put something on the end of the tank so the fish doesn't see you coming? He is probably sleeping back there and you are startling him. A piece of poster board or something would work.

  3. Default Did I post private?

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    Did I post private? Had no idea.

  4. Default Poster board?

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    Don't think poster board will do the trick. I kind of like being able to look into the aquarium. Besides, cardboard would be pretty ugly on an otherwise beautiful tank.

    Sleeping? (I try not to wake my fish when they are sleeping. It makes them grumpy the next day. Like I said. For 2+ years he was fine with me walking by the tank. It was only after I changed the tank this started happening. The newer tank is the same size as the old and I did my best to put the decor back like the old tank. I even transferred half of the water from the old tank to the new tank.

    Only thing different is the new tank. That is why I wounder if it is the glass causing a problem. See if I can explain better. With the old aquarium if I looked at a fish in the front corner I would see the fish and the wall or what ever was on the other side of the side glass. With the new aquarium if I do the same thing I see the fish and then a backward reflection of the fish. I do not see through the tank.

    (Am I still posting private? I have no idea why the first post was private.)


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    No, you are in the forum. You wrote in your first post to send a private message and I was simply saying we answer forum questions in the forum, not in private messages.

    I have seen backgrounds simply extended to cover the sides of tanks. They aren't ugly but if that's not preferred, then skip it. I have no idea what is wrong with your fish.

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    The Jd used to associate you with some thing friendly that fed it
    and played with it, but now you've caught it (like a predator) and put
    it in a strange new environment. the positive image probably has disappeared
    and been replaced with a scary image of being caught. It will take awhile to regain your fish's trust and displace the notion that you are there as a
    malevolent being.

  7. Default Hello Lady Hobbs & madagascariensis

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    Ah, I see what you mean now. You thought the words at the end of my first message

    "Back to top
    View user's profile Send private message"

    was part of my message. I don't know why that is there. I must have dragged it in from somewhere else by accident. Sorry about that.

    In my reply I was trying to be a little funny. Hope you didn't take offense.


    Didn't think of that. But the transfer lasted only a few seconds for the fish. However that could be. Still hoping someone will step in with a similar situation. I really miss my little sessions with him. I could actually pet him on the head and he seemed to like it. My cat really misses the play sessions he had with the fish. He would stand on his hind legs and the fish would chase his paws on the glass. (not the other way around...the fish would actually go to wherever the cat's paw was.) Moggie (the cat) doesn't understand why the fish won't come out and play anymore. He is going to the aquarium less and less.

    As a side note I got a phone call an hour ago from the shop that tested my water for me. Water is fine. So I can rule that out.

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    Cichlids can get moody and weird for no apparent reason. My juvie JD went through a phase where he hid and refused to eat after being very friendly. He would also occasionally spaz like you're talking about. He worked himself out of it (never showed any signs of sickness, nothing changed, tankmates were fine).
    Quote Originally Posted by i_am_511
    Lighten up its just the internet its not like someone came in your house and punched a baby in the face.

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    I think a picture of your tank would greatly help in people being able to suggest solutions to your issue. As I see it, the fish is either being startled (by you or his own reflection), like Hobbs said, or is now associating you with "bad" instead of "good".

    Lets narrow down the options here through process of elimination. Maybe you can temporarily cover 3 sides of the tank (maybe just for a few days) and guage the fishes reaction. If that helps then there are more solutions then just putting a background on three sides of the tank. You could paint it, or add some larger sized plants that reach high on both ends of the tank to help with any sort of mirror images the new tank may be providing.

    Also, another thought may be the physical location of the tank. If it was all flipped over the way you explained the new tank couldn't be sitting in the same location the old one was, right? Lighting sometimes can play a role in your tanks reflections.

    Hope this helps, keep us updated of any changes, and throw a pic up so we can really grasp what exactly we're talking about here.
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