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  1. Default 30G Stocking help, Compatibility?

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    i Just got a new 30g standard tank with an Aquaclear 50 filter and a heater. i also have a small box corner filter running in the corner.

    The tanks been running for about a week , i'm in the middle of a fishless cycle using pure ammonia : (very high ammonia, no nitrites yet).

    For stocking i'm thinking about an Anglefish as a centerpeice, with a school of 10-15 neon or cardinal tetras, and a 3-6 Corys for the bottom.

    Would this set up work? I'm open to suggestions so i appreciate any help.

    Also if you know, what temperature would be good for these fish to compromise at? and are there any other parameters i need to know keeping these fish ? any help is appreciated thank you very much.

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    Personally, I would look for a little larger tetra. Take a look at the rummynose tetras, which go well with angels. Also, angels like the temp a bitter higher than some fish so check the parameters for the cories you want. I have almost this exact configuration with angel, rummynose (I have 10) and sterbai cories. The sterbai can tolerate a bit higher temp. I also have a few otto cats and I keep my tank right around 80F.

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    alright thanks alot, i might also give cardinal tetras a try since they are a little bigger than the neons so hopefully the angel wont be affected by them.

    for catfish, i know a school of them is reccomended so my question is do they all have to be the same color ? like u cant have one albino one sterbai etc... to be a school, they all have to be the same?

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    I did not have an issue with my angels and cardinal tetras, so anecdotal evidence gains +1 to compatibility.

    For schooling fish you should aim for like specimens where the scientific name is the same for the best results. So if its the same specific type of fish and just a coloration difference that works fine. If you mix them, you may not get as natural reactions, but corys by all accounts do place nice with each other.

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    I would add another Aquaclear 50.

  6. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by tate8
    I would add another Aquaclear 50.

    Also - as to your corys. I have 6 in my 30 - 3 pairs of 2 different variety. If I had it to do over again, I would have 6 of the same variety. I think they would school much nicer and be happier.
    My plan is to eventually move 2 pair into my 90 and add 4 more of each variety so I have 2 schools of six. Then get another 4 for the 30 - again of the same variety so I have a school of 6 like fish.

    Your tank sounds really nice with the angel and the larger tetra. Something else to think about are Colombian Tetra. Gorgeous fish and while they don't swim in tight schools (most schools won't if they feel safe) they like each others company and 'sort' of stick together in the middle of the tank which makes a very nice visual effect.

    have fun stocking!
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    90 Gal Journal:
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    +1. Make your cories all the same. Although they may hang out with other cories for security, they are not the same species and will not display their usual schooling behavior.

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    Thanks alot everyone... I'll check out the columbian tetras and i realy hope i can use either neons or cardinals with the angel but i've heard that the angels aggressiveness towards them really just goes on a fish to fish basis. Some angels won't mind them at all and others will have a feast.

    still no nitrite levels yet :( im getting really anxious to start stocking! i think i may have put a bit too much ammonia in there (4 teaspoons) so this could take a while. Any ideas on how to speed it up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmez21
    alright thanks alot, i might also give cardinal tetras a try since they are a little bigger than the neons so hopefully the angel wont be affected by them.

    for catfish, i know a school of them is reccomended so my question is do they all have to be the same color ? like u cant have one albino one sterbai etc... to be a school, they all have to be the same?
    If you buy a small Angel and bigger Cardinals it should work out. The Angel shoud be in a little bigger tank like a 50 gal but I have seen people keep them successfully in smaller tanks. Like everybody suggested buy one spieces of cory and get six or more.

    I hope this helps.

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