Hi guys. As mentioned in my intro post, managing a fish tank was something of a passion of mine at a really young age. I got my first fish tank (freshwater) when I was 8, and all the way to 15 years old, I have maintained just about every kind of freshwater fish that was reasonably priced at the LFS. Until the day my gf at the time gave me one of her kittens, which managed to find its way to my poor fish.

Anyway. Fast forward to almost 20 years later...where I see a small reef tank in a pet shop back home while visiting my parents. My passion for it came back full on. So here I am, to ask questions before I go out and buy anything.

First off, my budget right now is a bit limited, as I'm also deeply involved in another hobby (woodworking - which can tie in to this). Secondly, I currently lack space, so a 20 gallon is probably as far as I can go.

Before asking anything else...should I pass on trying to setup and maintain a reef tank at this moment?