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  1. Default fish eggs? What kind?

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    I assume these are eggs? Does anyone have a clue what kind they are. I know the pic isn't very good. They look like an oversized bleach white grain of salt inside a translucent sphere.

    The tank has albino corries, neon tetras, dwarf frogs, guppies (I know, live bearer), and Chinese algae eaters.

    Does anyone have a clue what kind they are? I wonder why the fish are not eating them? They are on the glass, the plant, the intake tube for the filter and maybe other places.

    I can try and take better pics if it will help.
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    I am going to guess the corys from the photos I've seen.

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    + 1 on above. It can't be guppies neons or dwarf frogs from egg type and the next most likely is cory

  4. Default

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    It must be the corries. I wonder why the fish are not eating them? I did a little searching and read that unfertilized eggs look white, and fertilized ones look brown. The ones on the plant look white to me but the ones in this pic on the white ceramic house look slightly brown. do these look fertilized? What can I do to save them? there are heavy plants in one side of the tank if they can make it across but there are also predators in the plants (the ghost shrimp, dwarf frogs and guppies all hang around in the plants a lot). There are other hiding places (guppy fry have managed to hide and survive but only a few). The pic is the top of a ceramic house that could be removed. I do not have a spare tank (I do have a plastic breeder I can put in the tank, the kind that uses air to create current and push the fry into the other chamber). I could also use a 5 gal bucket (I think I could manage an extra heater and air).
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    I'd wait to see if they hatch, then I'd setup the bucket for the fry if you find some.Good luck with the eggs! =)

  6. Default

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    I had planned on buying corries for another tank so I'll keep a close eye on them (free is always better).

  7. Default

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    I had a little stroke of luck. I have a tank divider that I got on clearance for a buck and change a while back. My wife was mad at me (like she always is when I buy stuff I don't need). I guess this one turned out to be useful. All the eggs (or most of them) are on one side of the tank so I was able to cordoned off that side of the tank with the divider. The divider was for a bigger tank but was thin flexible plastic so it worked (the fish do not seem to like the fact that I took away a decent size chunk of their home but its temporary).

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    These look great. Any eggs that might be bad will be not just white, but will be fuzzy white (fungus). So far the ones you have shown look good. Which side of the tank is your filter on? If it's on the side with the eggs, you'll want to maybe add a pre-filter.

    The fry will be so cute. I had my little hasbrosus spawn this past spring and ended up with about 50 fry. I have 2 adult females and one male, so I'm guessing this number were from both females. I never really noticed these eggs, just saw a tiny movement when I went to gravel vac one day and had to stop - the fry were all over the place and kept coming for a number of days. Once hatched, at least, the parents paid them no mind at all. Just rummaged right along side with them for food. I had only a couple of guppies in this tank with the hasbrosus adults so nobody became lunch.

    Good luck with yours.

  9. Default

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    When I was referring to them being white, I was referring to some that were not fertilized. I read that if they were fertilized they were brown, but after I posted I also read they can turn brown during the first couple days as they develop. I'm sure these were new yesterday. I also ready that good water current prevent fungus. There is an air bar under the gravel, the filter running, and I put an air stone near the surface on the side with the eggs (I'll move it further down today).

    I slid the power filter the the side a little so the intake in on the other side of the divider, away from the eggs. I'm hoping they hatch.

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    Good luck with the eggs!

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