Thanks for the input. I actually have a spare 10 gal tank sitting in the trunk (got it a couple of days ago off craigslist for $20 with everything I think including a small overflow filter). I have powerheads too. I have a marineland maxi-jet pro 1200 (bought new, not used yet). It has a water circulator function but the flow is something along the lines of 1300 gallons per hour (would be like a hurricane in a 10 gal I would think). I also got a lot of 4 power heads off ebay along with 2 biowheel filters (emperor 280 and emperor 400). So far as I can tell (brief testing) they all work. The impeller was frozen solid on the emperor 280 but I managed to work it free (a bunch of charcoal was jammed in there and it seems to work now). The smallest power head is a maxi-jet (the old non pro) 500 so 500 liters per hour. The biggest is a aqua clear ph802 (400 gph, 170 gph in reverse).

Exactly how much flow do I want over them. The smallest powerhead or maybe the smaller biowheel (smaller bio wheel is 280 gph but it would be spread out by the filter)? The one that came with the tank is pretty tiny. How sticky are the eggs as far as staying in place?