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  1. Default Lighting problems...please help

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    I have a 36 gallon SeaClear bowfront acrylic tank setup and I'm using an Emperor 400 filter (I bit overkill I think),the filter produces alot of miny bubbles in the tank. In the light hood I have a 5K Tropical flourescent bulb and between the light and the bubbles my tank looks cloudy. Any suggestions on either getting rid of the flow of bubbles or is there a better bulb I should use to minimize the appearance of them? The bottom of the tank looks crystal clear but the top looks like a mess due to the bubbles. Please help.

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    Make sure your tank is filled up adequatly. That should reduce the amount of bubbles being created.
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    Hmmm, sounds like you have a film on top of your water, like the greasy film from oils from fish foods. Drag a clean piece of paper lightly across the water and see if that doesn't solve the problem. The mini bubbles was my clue to the trouble.

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    I tried the paper trick and it doesn't appear that I have an oil problem. I also filled the aquarium as far as I can and I still have them shooting into the tank. Could it just be that the filter is too strong?

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    This doesn't appear to be a lighting problem but a bubble problem?

    I have an Emperor 400 on my 29 gallon and it works fine. Some of the dechlorinators can appear to make the water a bit bubbley. I think when I used Tetra Dechlorinator I had the same thing.

    But if you have bubbles that do not pop and just remain on top, that could also be due to water not being clean.

    Taken from web: Small bubbles on the surface, especially if they adhere to the sides, are a sign of low oxygen in the water. Change the water immediately, improve filtration and aerate the water more, and change it more frequently.

    You can have good filtration but if the water is stale, it needs to be refreshed.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 09-23-2007 at 01:56 PM.

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    The bubbles do pop and they are not just on the top of the water, it's just the effect of the water gushing out of the filter that is giving off the appearance that the water is cloudy when the light is on. the bubbles are coming out from the filter underneath the water. I'm sure this is just a cosmetic problem for me as the tank is new and the water was just changed yesterday. I also have a 5" round airstone with a Tetra 60 airpump, I put a regulator on it to slow down those bubbles. I'm not sure there is anyting I can do to fix this, it's just really annoying me.

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    Annoying to you but your fish probably love it. LOL

  8. Default

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    Probably true! If they're anything like my cat, everything that annoys me she loves to do!

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