Ok, I recently posted about my pitifully small tank and my cycling upgrade. I will have my four rainbows in there...one is an australian, and three are bosemans. My new tank is 55g, 48"...not ideal, I know, but a bit better than what they have now.

My question is: other than my guppies (which I am stuck with because my daughters love them), can I even begin to think about adding other, smaller, schooling fish in the 55? Nothing slow-moving or slow-witted, right?

Could I add, say, a small school of corys for the bottom? I have noticed that my rainbows have very little interest in the bottom third of the tank. Has anyone successfully pulled this off? I am a bit concerned as the pH of my water is 8.0, perhaps not great for corys to begin with.

And, if DH wants a small school of tetras, could he have that?

I just have no idea what to do with this tank, now that it looks like my cycling attempt may be successful. I just don't know how to stock it...the rainbows take total first priority though. If nobody else goes in there, it's fine. But I just want to ask smart people before I go and make a dumb set of decisions.