Lo's Fluval Chi 6.6 Gallon

Tank Specs:
  • Size: 6.6 US Gallons
  • Dimentions: 10(L) x 10(D) x 16(H)

  • Heater: I'd like to do under-gravel, suggestions??
  • Filter: The built-in
  • Lighting: The built-in plus natural, indirect lighting

  • Background: Hoping for Ambulia
  • Midground: Anubias Nana attached to driftwood
  • Foreground: Possibly dwarf hairgrass or something similar(200)

  • Substrate: Eco-Complete mixed with Tahitian Moon Sand
  • Decorations: Drift wood

Fish Plan:
*** This list is subject to change. ***
  • Algae Eaters: 2-3 Otocinclus Catfish (not definite)
  • Centerpiece: 1 Male Betta