So I have an issue I noticed with my yellow tang about 2-3 weeks ago, and since then I have SCOURED the internet/literature, even veterinary textbooks, and can't quite figure out what this is.

My yellow tang has small black spots that look as though they are enlarged pores (ie, not raised, and very small). But they are only around the head (which led me to think it might be head/lateral line erosion). However, every picture/description I have read of HLLE (admittedly common in this species) has said that fish generally have a LIGHTER coloration around the head/lateral line when they have HLLE. Same goes for "hole in the head" syndrome. So then I thought "black ich" (or other parasite), also common in the species. Yet I don't think this is black ich either because it is literally ONLY around his head in a very specific pattern resembling HLLE, and has been that way for weeks.

He is otherwise eating/behaving normally, though I did catch him flashing/scratching against rocks on the very first day he was moved from the old apartment, but have not seen him do this since then (that was about a month ago)

I took a billion pics of him but the black spots are just too small, they don't show up in any of them. I don't want to ignore a potential problem, but also don't want to stress the fish over nothing.

Has anyone heard of anything like this/seen pics of anything like this?

Tank parameters:
SG 1.025, Ammonia and Nitrites 0, Nitrates 10 ppm, Temperature 78 degrees, pH 8.2, Alk~ 10.0 dKH