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  1. Default Glofish class pets- need help!

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    I was recently awarded a grant for pets in the classroom in which I was sent a 1.5 gallon tank & filtration system along with 3 Glofish. I've had the fish since Thursday of last week.

    This morning I found our orange/red friend belly-up at the bottom of the tank. He came to us having only 1 eye. We noticed that once the fish got familiar with the tank that One-Eyed Willy spent most of his time in the corner of the tank, presumably so he could see everything.

    We also noticed that the blue fish seemed aggressive towards both Willy and the yellow fish. I did a quick online search and saw that danios like to play "tag," and since I didn't notice any nipping, I figured it was normal. After giving Willy a proper burial at sea, however, the blue fish now seems even more aggressive towards the yellow fish, and the yellow fish spends most of its time in the [I]other[I] corner.

    My suspicion is that the blue fish hasn't been allowing the other 2 fish to eat much. Although I have seen all 3 of them eat at some point, I didn't see Willy eat yesterday, and today I didn't see the yellow one eat. I tried during reading class to isolate the blue one in a cup of water to give the yellow one a chance to eat, but he was too fast for me, and I couldn't stop instruction long enough to get him. The yellow fish just hid in the corner, and I think I probably stressed them both out instead.

    SO, I guess I just need some advice. My 5th graders have been so excited to have these little guys, and we're in the process of naming them through a contest. I'm afraid they'll all end up dead by the end of the month! I know they're schooling fish and prefer larger groups, but with such a small tank, I doubt many more would be feasible. If I bought 2 more, do you think they'd calm the blue one down? What in the world is going on? Any advice is greatly appreciated. :)

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    Your fish died and will continue to die for two main reasons

    1. The tank is way too small for glofish. They need at least ten gallons and several more fish in their school to thrive.

    2. The tank was not cycled. This caused toxic buildup of ammonia in the water which killed the fish. Please see the stickies on cycling in the beginner section. Even if you attempt to cycle the tank now, the tiny amount of water would make it very difficult to stabilize parameters

    Please return the fish and get something suitable. Perhaps a few snails. If you explained it to whoever is in charge Im sure they will be willing to listen. Having a tank in the classroom can be a very educational tool, but only if it is done properly.
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  3. Unhappy grr

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    Well, the whole cycling thing is rather frustrating. This was done through a group that's supposed to provide you with all the information and equipment you need to do this. I followed all the directions very thoroughly with prepping the tank before the fish arrived and even called the company with a question about the check valve to make sure I didn't screw anything up. There was never any mention of cycling, and based on your forum, it looks to be an extremely vital step. I knew the size of the aquarium wouldn't be up to forum standards, but I'm disappointed that the cycling is most likely to blame.

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    Marketing has been the pitfall of many people new to the hobby. I suggest you do some research before deciding whether or not to get a new tank or stock. The other members here will be more than happy to answer your questions.

    I still advise you return the fish. have you considered shrimp instead? A few of those would work in the tank and they are very interesting creatures that should fascinate kids.
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    "There is no right way to do the wrong thing." - KingFisher "Only bad things happen fast in this hobby" - Cliff Boo train boo train boo train boo train woohoo

  5. Default

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    +1 to the shrimp suggestion.

    That particular tank isn't large enough for anything but a few inverts. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by elizabeth_farris
    There was never any mention of cycling, and based on your forum, it looks to be an extremely vital step. I knew the size of the aquarium wouldn't be up to forum standards, but I'm disappointed that the cycling is most likely to blame.
    This isn't a matter of the tank being up to our standards - there are many people who have tiny tanks like that - it's just that you need to put things in it that are appropriate for that size.

    Like aeonflame stated, there are too many manufacturers of tanks that will package a tiny "tank" and have pics of all sorts of fish on the box so you think those fish would do fine in them - like goldfish in a glass bowl or bettas in a vase.

    People in fish stores don't always (or should I say very often) tell newbies about cycling either - it's one of those things that unfortunately people learn about after the fact when they've alread lost a few fish.

  7. Default

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    Everything was sent to me, through an organization that funds pets in the classroom. The only thing I've been to the pet store for is a net and some food for the weekends. That's what's so frustrating- I didn't set out to do any of this on my own. The idea is that everything is provided for you so that your students can safely observe animals in the classroom. When applying, I even had to tell them my plans for care/maintenance on weekends and extended holidays. My frustration lies in the fact that I was given the impression that this was the proper way to go about things, and clearly it's not.

    I didn't mean to come across as snide about the forum standards (at least not too snide). I used to have a turtle, and it seemed like you could keep the turtle in a tank the size of a house and it still wouldn't be good enough for the forums. :P I knew when they sent a 1.5 gallon tank (designed specifically for Glofish) that it wouldn't be considered large enough.

    SO, when my 2 remaining fish die, I should get shrimp. Can I bug you all about them if/when that happens? I don't want to be in the habit of killing off class pets. You guys have a ridiculous amount of smilies. I love it!

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    Since you know you have an issue with your tank.. you should address that. The ebook in the menu at the left and the cycling stickies would be a great start.

    You need to do some water changes to decrease the ammonia build up. Improved water quality will allow you to help keep the fish alive until you can find a new home for them. You may be able to exchange them or donate them to a local fish store. Dying to toxic ammonia levels is not a good way to go.

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    I would definitely not suggest you let them them away would be a better option. All the advice is good here! They cannot stay where they are, but you can help them in the meantime by doing a water change with dechlorinated water.

    Shrimp would be a great cherry shrimp will even breed if you start with a few. There is a section here dedicated to inverts, feel free to visit!

    If you feel strongly about it (and it seems you do), I would suggest writing a letter to that organization detailing how those poor fish died in front of your students due to their lack of research etc. That probably was not a part of their mission statement.
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  10. Default

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    I didn't even know they made fish tanks that small. 1.5 gallons is hardly anything at all!
    I would get some snails. I'm sure the kids would love them.

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