Going barebottom is not a beginners thing to do,thats usually an epiphany of an experianced reefkeepr. The substrate is nothing but a big nutrient sponge,no amount of sand sifting detritus eaters will keep it clean. A point of diminishing returns is reached with cuc where the addition to the bioload they make exceeds what they breakdown/remove. The best reefs are the ones where all nutrients added are either consumed by the inhabs or removed by skimming within a matter of a few hours. All the sand does is allow places for nutrients to hide and create problems. I know full well that many nice reefs are kept with sandbeds but in most cases there filtration is overkill and power consumptive through the use of huge skimmers and or algae scrubbers. Go barebottom and not only can you have a bigger stock of most fish and corals but you can also reduce your filtration. Thus it makes it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,easier