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  1. Default Ammonia dropped a little, no trites?

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    This is very quick question...I have not had time to research this, so forgive me if it's part of the broken record of questions you get.

    55 gal tank, filter is marineland 350magnum, heat is at 83F, power head in there too.
    Is it normal for ammonia to drop a little and yet there are no nitrites showing yet? I'm having a bit of trouble reading the API master test kit....I dosed my tank to 4ppm 8 days ago and it dropped to about 3ppm on Saturday (day 6) still reading 3ppm ammonia but no nitrates at all, with nitrates at about 5ppm.

    My tap water it 0amm, 0nitrite, and negligible nitrates. This surprises me as it was 20ppm before and now registering 0 trates. Wierd.

    Anyway, is this normal? This cycling stuff is making me look stupid...first a overdosed the ammonia by a LOT, then I had filter trouble, then I added plants and decor after I filled it up, making a huge mess.

    Thanks for your patience and help.

  2. Default

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    You are fine. Just keep letting your ammonia drop. If you have Trates, then you have trites that are being converted, they just haven't had a chance to build up yet.

    You're getting there!
    130g: 4 Angelfish, 2 Roseline Sharks, 12 Conga Tetras, 5 Kuhli Loaches, 1 Otocinslus, 1 Corydora

  3. Default

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    Woo hoo! I hope I'm really getting there!! I am already sort of an anxious person, and this cycling business is making it worse...I am a bit of a testing addict. This, of course, gets me nowhere, but still I fret.

    I guess I thought this would take a little less time than this....but I guess 8 days with a little movement isn't bad.

    Deep breaths...trying to be zen...


  4. Default

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    Haha, you are doing great! I did the EXACT same thing you did with my 55. It took me 4 weeks to cycle, so hang in there.

    I dosed to 4, which was too high of course. Then didn't have enough room in my filter to grow all the bacteria I needed to handle the amount of ammonia I put in there.

    It can be frustrating, but the good people here will get you through it! Just be patient. :)
    130g: 4 Angelfish, 2 Roseline Sharks, 12 Conga Tetras, 5 Kuhli Loaches, 1 Otocinslus, 1 Corydora

  5. Default

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    Is 4ppm really too high for a 55 gallon? Oh noes. Do I need to do another hideously messy and frustrating water change?

    Oh, but that clear green is so much better than that dark dark green I was getting for a week before I finally figured out that I messed up....

  6. Default

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    No, no, no. Just leave it as is. In my personal opinion 4 is too high, and it was for mine indeed because it stalled my cycle.

    Just let it go, and see what happens. I'm sure you'll be fine. Every tank is different.

    Just keep a watch on your tests and stuff. You should start a tank journal if you haven't already!
    130g: 4 Angelfish, 2 Roseline Sharks, 12 Conga Tetras, 5 Kuhli Loaches, 1 Otocinslus, 1 Corydora

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