I seem to be having issues when i move my growing angel babies to the next tank size up. I started with leaving the babies with the parents but I was only getting about a dozen angels out of that. (Which was expected) i've started taking the swimmers away from the parents after about a week and putting them in a 10G tank. From there they go to a 29 and finally to a 55. (They havent gotten that far yet) We're talking about 70-80 swimmers at the start. When I move them I fill the next tank with water from the previous tank (as much as I can) so I can be sure I dont shock them wit brand new water. I also move a sponge filter from the previous tank. Now normally i would top off the tank like I would with a normal waterchange. If i have to add a lot of water I topoff slowly through out the day. Just a few gallns here and there until the tank is full.
So whats happening is that i lose about 1/3 of the angels throughout the move. I'll lose most of them almost right after the move with in the first hour and more through the day. I'm useing a large cup to catch the angels not a net so they never leave the water. At least not until theyer big enouh to actually be caught by a net.
Any thoughts about why the huge losses? Am i doing something wrong or soething i could d better?
Thanks in advance for any help!